Pastor Dr. Robert Brown

Third Pastor, 1896 - 1911

Nov 20, 1910 50 YEARS (Anniversary Sermon Transcribed)
Nov 13, 1910 Noah's Ark
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The Reverend Charles Reynolds Brown, D. D., served as pastor of the First Congregational Church of Oakland, California from 1896 until 1911, when he became the head of the Yale Divinity School.

In 1883 Dr. Brown received his bachelor's degree from the University of lowa, and in 1889 the degree of A. M. from the same institution. Both Dr. Brown and Oberlin Colleges conferred upon Dr. Brown the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity, and Yale and Wesleyan granted him honorary degrees of A. M. and L. L. D. respectively.

Dr. Brown also served as moderator of the National Council of the Congregational Church from 1913 to 1915.

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