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Minutes of the First Cong'l Church:
From October 16, 1860 to January 13, 1877

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Transcribed by Angel Starr, Secretary of First Congregational Church of Oakland from the Original Book of Minutes:
Minutes of the Congregation of the
First Congregational Church Oakland

At a Social Meeting of the friends of religion held on Tuesday Eve. Oct. 16, 1860, at the House of Mr. F. K. Shattuck in the City of Oakland. The Meeting was opened by prayer by the Rev. Mr. Finney, Mr. E. P. Sanford was elected Moderator & C. S. Potter Secretary.

The Chairman explained the object of the meeting to be to consult with each other as to the best made extending of the cause of religion in our midst, after some considersation interchanging of views, thefollowing resolution was unanimously adopted.

Resolved, that we deem it advisable as soon as circumstances will permit, to organixze a church to be called the "First Congregational Church of Oakland" the following persons voted Aye on the Resolution: Rev. Mr. Finney & wife, Mr. & Mrs. E. B. Goddard, Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Cole, W. Leanard, D. P. Baistro, H. H. Grey, E. P. Sanford, & C. S. Poitter. - Mr. & Mrs. Woolsey, and Mr. & Mrs. Shattuck was excused from voting.

Mr. E. B, Soddard, E. P. Sanford, & I. B. Peirce where approinted @ Com. to secure a temporary place of worship, to recieve letters from Members, and to make other necessary arrangements to organize a church.

A Letter addressed to Rev. E. S. Lacy was prepared to gbe signed by those requesting him to come and organize them into a church in this Place.

After prayer by Mr. Leanard, the meeting adjourned until Tuesday Eve. Oct 23rd at the same place.

Charles S. Potter, Sec.

Copy of Letter Addressed to Rev. E. S. Lacy [by hand of C. Potter]

Oakland Oct. 16, 1860

Rev. E. S. Lacy

Dear Brother

The undersigned adopted as our standard of Doctorine & Government the Articles of Faith and the Forms now in use in the Evangelical Congregational church of New England reuest you to organize us into a churhc to be called the "First Congregational Church of Oakland"

Signed as follows: [This page is forthcoming...]