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Nothing Less

James P. Merriam -- November 10, 2013

Psalm 98 | Haggai 1:15-2:9 | 2 Thessalonians 2:1-5

Psalm 98 | New International Reader's Version (NIRV)

A psalm

1Sing a new song to the Lord.
  He has done wonderful things.

By the power of his right hand and his holy arm
  he has saved his people.

2The Lord has made known his power to save.
  He has shown the nations that he does what is right.

3He has shown his faithful love
  to the people of Israel.

People from one end of the earth to the other
  have seen that our God has saved us.

4Shout to the Lord with joy, everyone on earth.
  Burst into joyful songs and make music.

5ake music to the Lord with the harp.
  Sing and make music with the harp.

6Blow the trumpets. Give a blast on the ram's horn.
  Shout to the Lord with joy. He is the King.

7Let the ocean and everything in it roar.
  Let the world and all who live in it shout.

8Let the rivers clap their hands.
  Let the mountains sing together with joy.

9Let them sing to the Lord,
  because he is coming to judge the earth.

He will judge the nations of the world
  in keeping with what is right and fair.

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Haggai 1:15-2:9 | New International Reader's Version (NIRV)

Jesus Eats at a Pharisee's House

15It was the 24th day of the sixth month of the second year that Darius was king.

The New Temple Will Be Beautiful

A second message came to me from the Lord. It came on the 21st day of the seventh month. The Lord said, 2"Speak to Zerubbabel, the governor of Judah and the son of Shealtiel. Also speak to the high priest Jeshua, the son of Jehozadak. And speak to all of my people who are still left alive. Ask them, 3'Did any of you who are here see how beautiful this temple used to be? How does it look to you now? It doesn't look so good, does it?

4"'But be strong, Zerubbabel,' announces the Lord. 'Be strong, Jeshua. Be strong, all of you people in the land,' announces the Lord. 'Start rebuilding. I am with you,' announces the Lord who rules over all. 5'That is what I promised you when you came out of Egypt. My Spirit continues to be with you. So do not be afraid.'"

6The Lord says, "In a little while I will shake the heavens and the earth once more. I will also shake the ocean and the dry land. 7I will shake all of the nations. Then what they consider to be priceless will come to my temple. And I will fill the temple with glory," says the Lord who rules over all.

8"The silver belongs to me. So does the gold," announces the Lord. 9"The new temple will be more beautiful than the first one was," says the Lord. "And in this place I will give peace to my people," announces the Lord who rules over all.

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2 Thessalonians 2:1-5 | New International Reader's Version (NIRV)

The Man of Sin

1Brothers and sisters, we want to ask you something. It has to do with the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. It concerns the time when we will go to be with him.

2What if you receive a prophecy, report or letter that is supposed to have come from us? What if it says that the day of the Lord has already come? If it does, we ask you not to become easily upset or alarmed.

3Don't let anyone trick you in any way. That day will not come until people rise up against God. It will not come until the man of sin appears. He is a marked man. He is sentenced to be destroyed. 4He will oppose everything that is called God. He will oppose everything that is worshiped. He will give himself power over everything. He will set himself up in God's temple. He will announce that he himself is God.

5Don't you remember? When I was with you, I used to tell you those things.

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