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Sermon Archive

Dec 24 Joslin Kearse-High A Love Letter for Those Expecting:
Christmas Eve
Dec 22 Anders Renee Divine Dreams
Dec 15 Xan West Joy Workers
Dec 8 Rev. Dr. Phil Lawson God's One
Dec 1 Nichola Torbett Every Moment an Opening

Nov 24 Jean Jeffress Jesus, Remember Me
Nov 17 Jessica Yamane Letters to Mystery
Nov 10 Joslin Kearse-High I Aint From Where You're From
Nov 3 Ashley Wai'olu Moore Subversive Faith: Travel Instructions for These Times
Nov 3 Ashley Wai'olu Moore Subversive Faith: Travel Instructions for These Times

Oct 20 Schmian Evans God is Still Yet on the Throne
Oct 13 Minister Cherri Murphy Why Impossible Visions Matter
Oct 6 Jean Jeffress In God We Trust

Sep 29 Nichola Torbett Sermon Title
Sep 22 Xan West Sermon Title
Sep 15 Rev Dr Liza Klein Sermon Title
Sep 8 Rev Lynice Pinkard Sermon Title
Sep 1 Rev Izzy Alvaran Subversive Welcome

Aug 25 Rev Kamal Hassan Christ's Affirmative Actions
Aug 18 Vanessa Riles relentless subversion
Aug 11 Rev Ben McBride Do You Want to Be Made Well? 
Aug 4 Carol Robison Safety is not a Safe Word 

Jul 28 Schmian Evans Choose Life Not Perfection
Jul 21 Testimonies  
Jul 14 Minister Cherri Murphy Strength Training as a Spiritual Practice
Jul 7 Rev Gwynn Fuqua The Ambiance of You

Jun 30 NIchola Torbett Untold Stories: Don't Let Them Tame You
Jun 23 Ashley Wai'olu Moore Untold Stories: Reclaiming the Promise
Jun 16 Testimonies Untold Stories: Claiming the God of Love
Jun 9 Rev Lynice Pinkard Untold Stories:
Jun 2 Rev Dr Toni Dunbar Untold Stories: Queer Liberation. Is That a Thing?

May 26 Rev Izzy Alvaran The Nail that Sticks Out: The Stranger in Our Midst
May 19 Rev Sandhya Jha The Nail that Sticks Out: The Risks of Inclusion
May 12 Rev Jeanelle Ablola The Nail that Sticks Out: Wipe Away Every Tear
May 5 Soo Hyun Han-Harris The Nail that Sticks Out: Resilience, Resistance, Unity

Ap 28 Marcia Lovelace 2 Women, 2 Gardens
Apr 21 Xan West Are you about that life?
Apr 14 Nicola Torbett Our People Are Free
Apr 7 Rev. Dr. Liza Klein God's Beloveds

Mar 10 Toni Dunbar An Opportune Time
Mar 3 Jean Jeffress The TransNonBinaryFiguration

Feb 24 Schmian Evans God is faithful
Feb 17 Leila Mottley Poetry Reading
Feb 10 Rev. Ben McBride Becoming A Bridge
Feb 3 Vanessa Riles Power and Vulnerability

Jan 27 Rev. Cherri Murphy How you tell your story really matters
Jan 20 Xan West Power Without Love
Jan 13 Jean Jeffress Unquenchable God
Jan 6 Rev. Lynice Pinkard There Is Another Way



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