Sermon Archive

24-Dec Pastor Ama Zenya Wisdom Gives Birth
23-Dec Pastor Ama Zenya Dreaming of a New World
16-Dec Pastor Lynice Pinkard God Comes to Save
9-Dec Pastor Ama Zenya The God of Hope
2-Dec Angela Jernigan Farrel A Long Loving Look at the Real
25-Nov Pastor Ama Zenya Mystical Unity and Action
18-Nov Pastor Ama Zenya Faith and Trust
11-Nov Pastor Lynice Pinkard Resurrection as New Creation l
28-Oct Pastor Lynice Pinkard An "In Spite of" Kind of God
14-Oct Peter Barbosa Healing From a Distance
7-Oct Rev. Shiloh McCloud Your Faith Has Made You Whole
30-Sep Ryan Dowell Baum Something About Money
23-Sep Pastor Lynice Pinkard There Is a Balm in Gilead
16-Sep Kira Allen Wade in the Water-Choose Love
9-Sep Pastor Lynice Pinkard Radical Lettings and Leavings
2-Sep Craig Breismeister It's Not About You
26-Aug Pastor Lynice Pinkard Missing the Point
19-Aug Amelie Hansen Let Go, Let God, Then What?
12-Aug Pastor Lynice Pinkard Some of Us Have Not Died
5-Aug Grant Kinney It's Not Me
29-Jul Dr. Webb Mealy How to Receive the Holy Spirit
22-Jul Pastor Lynice Pinkard Distracted, Anxious and Troubled
15-Jul Greta Rosenberger Who Is My Neighbor?
8-Jul Pastor Lynice Pinkard Unexpected Prophets
1-Jul Rev. Isaiah McCloud The Credibility of God
24-Jun Meghan Bean-Smith Here I Am
17-Jun Ryan Dowell Baum The Freedom of a Christian
10-Jun Pastor Lynice Pinkard Daring Compassion
3-Jun Andrew Schwiebert Godly Wisdom
27-May Pastor Lynice Pinkard Pentecost
20-May Rev. Charley Lerrigo Unexpected Ministry
13-May Pastor Lynice Pinkard The Power of the River
6-May Pastor Ama Zenya A New Paradigm
29-Apr Pastor Lynice Pinkard Lives Speak Louder Than Words
22-Apr Pastor Ama Zenya Breakfast on the Beach
8-Apr Pastor Lynice Pinkard The Resurrection Will Not Be Televised
1-Apr Pastor Ama Zenya The Face of Evil