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Conveniently located a breath away from Oakland's beautiful Lake Merritt, First Congregational Church of Oakland or "First Congo" as it is called, is a distinguished landmark in the Oakland community and was designed by John Galen Howard, who is best known as the founder of UC Berkeley's School of Environmental Design.

Completed in 1927, the building still captures the historic beauty of past days with the functionality of today's needs. First Congo houses a M.P. Möller pipe organ - one of the oldest and functional pipe organs on the West Coast in the main sanctuary - and a Hammond organ in Collins Chapel.

First Congo is home to performing arts and faith-based organizations through the day. We also serve as host to a number of community support groups, private dances, dinners, weddings, receptions, meetings, classes and other special events. Though parking is a high-priced commodity in the Bay Area, ample off-street parking is available for your event, included in the rental of our space.

For information on availability, please check out our Rental Inquiry/Rental Request Form. If you decide that you would like to submit a rental request, please complete and submit the form.  You will be contacted with a rental estimate within three to five working days. Our General Information and our Rental Rates are available these links.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Booking Office at or 510-444-8511 if you have questions. 

First Congregational Church of Oakland Booking Office
We are located near beautiful Lake Merritt,
across the street from Whole Foods Market.
Office: 510-444-8511 Fax: 510-444-8514
Booking Office Hours

Please, call (510) 444-8511
  Office hours are:
Monday - Thursday10am - 4pm

Our Address: 2501 Harrison Avenue, Oakland CA 94610
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