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Officers of the Church

[formerly known as The Board of Directors]

In December 2011, after several months of discernment and discussion, the members of First Congregational Church of Oakland gathered and made the decision to become a Lay Led Congregation. We use the spiritual gifts of those within our communities - both within the congregation and beyond - to bring us the word during worship each week. Our spiritual learning and growth will be guided and provided with a breadth of spiritual training and experience includng ordained ministers, seminarians, and deacons.* We are excited to be on this journey, and hope you will join us as we explore a new, interdependent way of engaging Spirit.

Currently, our Officers of the Church are:

Moderator: Dawn Raymond
Vice Moderator: Katy Lundgren
Secretary: Vanessa Riles
Co-Treasurers: Chris Klein, Open

Officers can be reached by email at

We also voted to moved our Congregational Forum from twice a year to the fourth Sunday of each month. This way we can truly operate as a community rather than a church lead "from the top down".

The Leadership Council consists of newly chartered and existing Triads and Committees listed on the Leadership Council Page and meets as part of our monthly Congregational Forum. All members and friends of FCCO are encouraged to attend the monthly Forum meetings.

To receive information about upcoming Forums, questions about Forum, or to request previous meeting minutes, please email the Officers at


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