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Leadership Council

Our Leadership Council is made up of the following Ministries, Triads and Committees:

Ministry, Triad, or Committee Email
Pastor Triad* Currently, there is no called pastor at First Congregational Church of Oakland and this triad ministry is disbanded.

Officers of the Church
[formerly The Board of Directors]

Building & Facilities Team
To report repairs, click here.



Finance Triad

Finance Triad's Email

   - Greeters
   - Fellowship
   - Potluck

Personnel Triad

Jackie Morris

Prophetic Public Witness

Spiritual Gifts Triad

Soo Hyun Han

Spiritual Formation

Soo Hyun Han or Marcia Lovelace


They Might Be Adults

Soo Hyun Han or Melissa Brunkhart

Worship & Arts Team

Leadership Council meets in conjunction with the Forum every fourth Sunday of the Month after Service at approximately 1:15 pm.

If you need to contact a Triad or Committee not on this list, please feel free to contact the Officers at or call (510) 444-8511. Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

Click Here for a FCCO Ministry Group Information Sheet or a Congregational Forum Proposal AGENDA ITEM READINESS WORKSHEET Online Form or a downloadable Word doc or PDF.

* As of September 2015, FCCO has no called pastor and therefore cannot offer pastoral care. If you or someone you know would like to speak to a pastor, please contact the United Church of Christ for a referral.


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