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2019 - 2020 Stewardship & Donation

Dear Beloved Community,

First Congregational Church of Oakland (FCCO), the place where Love is First, has an active stewardship campaign for 2019–2020. We invite you to support and invest in Planting Love! FCCO is a community of faith and action that offers welcoming, inclusive, contemporary worship every Sunday. The radical and liberating Gospel is preached. In addition to spirit-led worship, together we activate and ignite courageous acts of truth-telling, activism, and community organizing through powerful efforts in numerous justice communities.

The FCCO building houses multiple worship communities, community groups, choirs, non-profit organizations, and recovery groups. FCCO is honored to be a hub of Oakland community life. In order to sustain the ministries of our church, maintain the space offered by our building, and continue to provide the services that our building and our congregation offers to the community, we invite you to generously participate in FCCO Stewardship. This campaign offers the chance to provide a monetary donation, to pledge for the year, and to work together with the community to create fundraising activities/events.

Our 2019–2020 theme is Planting Love! Please discern and pledge your financial support to FCCO and our ministries. Together, we offer our tender and fierce resources as seeds that will allow FCCO to Plant Love inside and outside of the church walls in the coming year. To make your pledge online, please fill out this online pledge form.

You may make a one–time contribution at any time by PayPal by clicking here.

Let’s get creative together! With friends and neighbors, let’s contribute our precious gifts to enrich and nourish FCCO’s soil so that all of our vibrant ministries can thrive and grow in the coming year.

Please contact us to get involved, or with questions or concerns!:

First Congregational Church of Oakland
2019-2020 Pledge Drive

  I want to invest in this life-giving community with love and generosity,
therefore, I make this commitment for 2019 & 2020.

Your Pledge

If you wish to make a recurring weekly or monthly payment that automatically will be deducted from your credit or debit card, please select a recurring payment amount using the dropdown list provided and then click on the subscribe button.

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you for your Pledge to FCCO!

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